Gentle Dentistry

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Good oral hygiene starts with regular dental cleaning. Regular dental cleaning helps remove plaque and tartar build up, which contributes to periodontal disease.

Teeth Cleaning

Complete care

for your children

Woman with beautiful smile Dental Services

We work with you to keep your mouth, teeth and gum healthy.

Preventive care

We love to work with kids. Our child friendly environment is designed to enhance your family dental visit. We are committed to delivering fun and caring dental experiences for children.

  • Sealants

  • Space maintainers

  • Veener crowns

  • Fillings

  • Stainless steel crowns

  • Fluoride

  • Pulpotomy

  • Extractions

Children Treatments

We provide restoration of tooth structure with metal, porcelain or resin material.


We offer mercury free fillings and replacement for those patients who prefer this option. Porcelain and composite resin tooth colored restoration are not only beautiful but also adds strength to weakened teeth.

Silver filling replacement

Our essential diagnostic tool that provide valuable information to help us evaluate your oral health. With minimal radiation than convetional x-rays.

Dental Digital X-ray

A crown is a cap that is designed to be placed over a tooth to restore its strength and improve its appearance. A crown may be needed for traumatic fracture, wear due to teeth grinding, tooth decay, cracked fillings and root canals.


If you have a missing tooth, a dental bridge can fill the gap in your smile. Bridges resemble natural teeth, and are designed to take of the place of areas where teeth are missing.

Dental bridges

When a tooth is beyond repair, tooth extraction helps to sustain and preserve the health of your gums and bones. A failed tooth can be caused by an unsuccessful root canal, periodontal disease or extensive tooth decay, in which case an extraction  can bring relief.


We provide restorations  (crowns) of dental implants.


We provide full, partial, and immediate dentures.


Only single canals. In single canals is a process to replace infected pulp nerve in a root canal with an insert material.

Root Canal

Straighten your teeth using a custom made series of aligner created for you.   These aligner trace are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth.



Baby tooth root canals.

Teeth Whitening

Is an easy and affordable process that can eliminate stains and discoloration to restore a beautiful smile.

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